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Find services to match your needs before, during, and after your pregnancy or sexual health related concern.

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Services to help you before your pregnancy or sexual health related concern

Health Screening

Basic assessment such as blood pressure, heart rate, weight, and sexual health are discussed and evaluated. We'll address any areas of concern, provide referrals, and help improve your general health and well-being.

STD/STI Testing

Blood and urine tests are used to look for commonly occurring infections that can be passed between partners during sexual contact. These infections include HIV, Chlamydia, Syphilis, and Gonorrhea.​

Pap Smear

A pap smear is a test in which a medical provider collects cells from the cervix during an exam. These cells are evaluated for abnormalities, such as the presence of cancerous or precancerous cells.

Reality Check

The Reality Check team offers presentations, assemblies, events, small groups, and mentoring that empower youth and young adults to critically navigate sex, healthy relationships, dating, and more with confidence.


Services to help you during your pregnancy or sexual health related concern

Pregnancy Testing

A urine pregnancy test is a very reliable method of assessing for pregnancy. The test looks for a hormone called HCG. The presence of this hormone typically indicates pregnancy and can be detected around the time of a missed period.

Ultrasound Imaging

Ultrasound scans are made available to patients who have a confirmed pregnancy test. The scan is used to determine fetal viability, fetal location, and gestational age.

Options Education

People facing an unintended pregnancy or a sexual health concern commonly express feelings of confusion or anxiety. Options education gives proper attention to all options and resources available for your specific situation.

Prenatal Care

Group-based prenatal care (Centering Pregnancy) is offered to qualifying patients. This model of prenatal care brings patients out of the exam room and into a group setting, which also helps build a community of support.

Resources & Referrals

Caseworkers listen to your needs and connect you with community resources such as housing, employment, childcare, public benefits, and more.


Professional counseling is prioritized for individuals, couples, and families who are facing a challenge resulting from a sexual health situation to address relationships, anxiety, stress, parenting concerns, and more.


Services to help you after your pregnancy or sexual health related concern

Parenting Program

Mentorship and educational workshops (court-ordered classes available) are offered to help new parents thrive in their roles. Incentive programs encourage class participants to earn basic baby supplies.

Ongoing Therapy

Therapy is offered on an ongoing basis to help address issues such as anxiety, depression, and relationship problems. The first session is free of charge and we request a small donation for following sessions.

Support Programs

Support groups and counseling are offered as encouragement and guidance for those who have chosen to place their child(ren) for adoption or anyone wishing to process or heal from a past pregnancy loss.

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